Thursday, March 23, 2006


It is hard to believe that a Republican leadership that is constantly talking about values and about faith would put forth such a mean-spirited piece of legislation. It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures, because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself. We need to sound the alarm about what is being done in the Congress.

Is that crazy Pat Robertson at again? Nope, its former first lady, current senator, and well know Bible scholar Hillary Clinton. What has American become when even the Good Samaritan is a criminal?! On a side note, the Good Samaritan is a fictional character in a parable. Hillary might as well have said this bill would criminalize Superman because he isn't really an American citizen. Also when it comes to Jesus, I'm pretty sure Dubya would work out a visa for him for no other reason then to pacify the religious right.

What bill is Mrs. Clinton referring to? H.R.418--REAL ID Act of 2005 was authored by James Sensenbrenner, a republican representative from my state of Wisconsin. The title of the bill states...

To establish and rapidly implement regulations for State driver's license and identification document security standards, to prevent terrorists from abusing the asylum laws of the United States, to unify terrorism-related grounds for inadmissibility and removal, and to ensure expeditious construction of the San Diego border fence.

Obviously the text of the bill contains more, but that is a summary of the basics. The major point of contention seems to be "to unify terrorism-related grounds for inadmissibility and removal." Democrats are arguing that hard working illegals that pose no threat to security will be punished as felons.

Minority leader Harry Reid-D NV is ready to fight this one to the bitter end...

If Leader Frist brings a bill to the floor that does not have the approval of the Judiciary Committee, it will not get out of the Senate

He also said he would, "use every procedural means at my disposal." Basically if the republicans bring it to the floor of the senate the democrats will filibuster. Before I called President Bush a hypocrite over the now failed (yes!) port deal. Now I have to do the same for senators Clinton and Reid. If the security of our ports is important, certainly the security of the southern border is just as important.

On the not surprising at all news front, Mexico opposes the bill...

We oppose those measures and that our migrants be denied drivers' licenses. We're against building any wall between our two countries because they are walls that increase our differences.

-Interior Secretary Santiago Creel.

Don't you love it when a government that can't keep its citizens from fleeing the country and whose economy is largely made up of the drug trade tells another country how to do things? I'm all for increasing our differences. The main one: our government isn't a complete joke and yours is.

Ted Kennedy and John McCain have co-authored a similar bill which eliminates the HR 418 penalties to current illegals. My guess is that is the bill that will eventually become law. Either way dealing with the Mexican border is long overdue. I prefer the Sensenbrenner bill despite the claim its too harsh. These people might be nice and hard working, but they broke the law and they knew they were.

Let the pro-security vs. hispanic pandering battle begin!

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I haven't seen you for a while, but I totally aggree, while Sensenbrenner has been accused of being too harsh on the bill, I think that he has provided a good start to a very real problem.