Monday, October 27, 2008

October Surprise?

To anyone paying close attention to this race the above audio isn't a surprise. Senator Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth. Does this make him a bad person? No. Does this make him unamerican? No. However, I do have a problem with his attempt to conceal this belief from the American voters. It is just as bad as President Bush concealing he was a big government advocate during the 2000 campaign.

This revelation also underlines the worries about his lack of a record. Who is Barack Obama? It was arguably a racist and fear mongering question before, but now it suddenly becomes a very legitimate question. What other economic, social, or judicial philosophies is he trying to keep under wraps until November 4th?

The Obama campaign should be thankful for their large lead at the moment. They should also be thankful this didn't come out earlier this month. I think it will narrow the race. The huge blowout that seemed inevitable is now unlikely. Undecided voters are going to break for Senator McCain in a big way.

Making up 7-8 points in a week is a tough needle to thread. I doubt it can be done, but this race sure got a lot more interesting.