Sunday, August 26, 2007

US Americans Such as Asian Countries...

You've probably already seen this but... (sorry embeded is acting weird)

wow. That was like that essay question you knew nothing about so you wrote down everything you could think just to get some pity credit. I love that the question was about how the US has a problem and her brain just can't compute that so she starts talking about South Africa and "the" Iraq. Oh and don't forget the asian countries--I hear they are all poor and stupid too.

If you feel even a little bad for her, don't. Within 10 years she'll be married to a fortune 500 CEO or a professional football player and making fun of what you're wearing or how poor you are. Also, props to AC Slater aka Mario Lopez for keeping it together. All those years of acting with Dustin Diamond finally paid off.

I'm off to build up our future.