Monday, February 27, 2006


Ok enough with the political stuff for one post--time for a story that will make you feel good. First a little plug for a cool site I check out every time I am online and that brought this story to my attention. Deadspin is a major sports themed blog that is updated daily by talented and funny writers. The site's writers not only publish and commentate on the major sports stories, but also find obscure stories that you will not find on or cbssportsline. Check it out if you have the time.

Jason McElwain is a high school senior from New York. Like many high schoolers, he enjoys basketball. He would have loved to play for his high school team Greece Athena, but Jason is autistic. Instead Jason helped out as team manager. Finally in the last home game of his senior year his coach Jim Johnson decided to reward Jason for his dedication and allow him to suit up for the game, but Greece Athena was in a meaningful game and there was no guarantee Jason would see action. With four minutes left and Jason's team up big, coach Johnson called his number.

What happens next is truly remarkable and hard to do justice with words. These videos show the story much better then I could tell it. On the right hand side click the most popular tab and have a look.

The first link no longer works. Here's one that should work for

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