Monday, July 12, 2004


I've worked on an assembly line during the summer. Its not a bad job and it pays ok, well I thought it payed ok until today. Today I found out a part we make about 200 of a week is sold individually for a sum of money that is more then I make in a month. Yet, American companies continue to "out-source" labor and layoff workers (the company I work for also has a history of this).

Now I'm all for innovative businessmen making a good profit and being set for life, but not at the expense of middle income hard working people with families to support. Too often capitalism and freedom/liberty/patriotism are all viewed as the same. Today's American capitalism is anything but patriotic; it is simply greed.

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Lorenzo said...

Yea, ya know Ryan, you gotta BIG family to No wait, the car isn't technically a part of the family is it?? Just messin with ya...