Thursday, July 22, 2004

Decision 2004

Well its that time again. President Bush will take on long time Senator John Kerry in November for the position of most powerful man in the world.  Just think about the job of President first off. Domestically, the President has to further an agenda that will improve areas of need such as the economy, social security, and medicare/cade. Of course, Bush or Kerry will not get the exactly what they want or not even close to what they want because representatives and senators will do their best to get as much pork as possible and in some cases will try to kill bills to make the President look bad. Foreign policy will be the President's number one concern next term. Both Kerry and Bush are aware that a terror attack under their watch will not be forgiven and will lead to a one term presidency for Kerry or a Democrat winning in 2008 for Bush. Finally, look good doing it. Today's President can not just simply be good at his job, he has to be charismatic and connect with a large segment of Americans.

Being President takes a special person. For all the jokes and cracks about Bush's intelligence, anyone would acknowledge he is doing an extremely tough job and most would acknowledge he has done atleast a decent job as President. The biggest feather in his cap is his leadership post 9/11. This is why that aspect of his presidency has been challenged so often by the Democrats. Despite these attacks, the majority of Americans still think he is the more capable in foreign policy/leading the war of terror then John Kerry.

"July 01, 2004
Issue of Terrorism Continues to Favor Bush
Most Americans believe 9/11 attacks could not have been prevented
by David W. Moore and Jeffrey M. Jones
A recent Gallup survey finds that a majority of Americans approve of the way President George W. Bush is handling terrorism and believe that he, rather than likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, would do a better job of handling the issue. About 4 in 10 Americans assign at least a moderate amount of blame to the Bush administration for the terrorist attacks on 9/11, but about the same number also blame the Clinton administration. Most Americans, however, believe the 9/11 attacks could not have been prevented."

I agree with most Americans on this issue. Sure, Iraq has not been all peaches and cream, but I would rather have a pro-active President who actively seeks out threats and deals with them asap. Kerry voted to give the President the power to go to war in Iraq, yet later voted against  the 80 billion to fund the troops and rebuild Iraq. That is enough for me to seriously question Kerry's foreign policy. Those two votes prove to me that he would be a President without convictions who simply will do what public or possibly international pressure will tell him to do.

I admitedly do not like Bush's handling of the economy. Tax cuts are fine with a surplus, but increases in spending and tax cuts with a deficit simply does not make sense. The problem is Kerry really has not given a plan to counter Bush's handling of the economy.

So right now I'm leaning toward voting for Bush, but I will be watching the conventions and debates closely. One thing is for sure, this is going to be close and both parties are out for blood.   

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