Monday, July 10, 2006

Great Game With a Weird Moment

Yesterday the Italians capped off their fourth World Cup title and probably the greatest string of defensive performances the tournament has ever seen. Sure they are divers and injury fakers, but Italy played extremely solid defense game after game and always seemed to find that timely execution for goals.

I guess soccer fans will remember the Germany Italy semi-final as the better game, but the final definitely had the oddest moment. Zinedine Zidane, the Golden Ball winner (MVP) of the 2006 World Cup, completely lost his mind in the second over time. I think this picture really says it all.

So the greatest sporting event in the world ends and the four-year wait begins. This really was a great world cup with tons of memories. The only problems I had were the refs taking over games with fouls and cards and many players treating the soccer pitch like a swimming pool. Just because a player falls doesn't make it a foul. Hopefully FIFA refs will let only the players decide who wins in South Africa (yes S. Africa. And you thought Japan/South Korea was a stupid host choice).

Congratulations to the Italian team and their fans.

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Slim said...

Wow. A Mortal Kombat reference. That's great.

Actually, now I feel really old. Thanks Ryan.